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The progression of my work has been moving to more geometrical shapes and precise edges mixed with accents of expressive brush strokes and ink lines. While previously, my work was all free-flowing, spontaneous and organic. I am not fully aware of the reason why I have been moved to explore this avenue, but the contrast of the hard edges mixed with the loose and expressive lines, create a nice contrast and tension between the precise and the gestural. Below are some of the new pieces I have started exploring this idea with.



When you look at the world around us, you can tell a big difference between nature and the man-made forms that are all around. The cold, concrete jungles surround the lush parks we have sporadically preserved inside the cities. The contrast is obvious and jarring. And I like that. At a closer glance, much closer, there is a precision to the microscopic make-up of each and every organism you find in nature. Not much different than the architectural structures that surround us. Take the hexagon for example. You wouldn't think a hexagon was considered an organic shape you would find in nature. But from the biggest planets, all the way down to microscopic compounds that we study under a microscope, the hexagon is nature's shape. It is definitely worth exploring more of this sacred shape in my art. Check out this article: Hexagons Are as Close as Science Gets to Magic to see some depth examples.

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It has been a while since I limited my palette to the bold and beloved black. The absence of color allows me to focus on the relationship between the forms of solid blacks, shades of gray and negative space. These same principles apply to color pieces as well, but with the black and white limitation, the compositions are strongly dependent on tonal contrast. Which tends to create a more graphical execution. This new mini-series I am currently working on, takes the whole black and white palette a step further by being black and white on a black surface. It delivers a completely different feel. I am digging the direction these are heading right now. These pieces should be finished in a few weeks, but for now, checkout these sneak peeks below.

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Let me introduce myself if you don't already know me. My name is Josh Schoemaker, I am a Dallas based artist, actually live in Plano now, but grew up next to the original Texas Stadium. Yes, I am a Cowboys fan. I am also an abstract artist, graphic designer and printmaker. I love life and am truly blessed and thankful that I get to enjoy everyday and make the most out of my time here on earth. During some of that time (a lot of the time) I paint, create and spend the rest of my time with the fam. To learn more about my art, process and inspiration, check out my ARTIST STATEMENT

As for my blog, entitled "Sketchbook" by Josh Schoemaker (me),  once or twice a month I will be posting sketches of ideas I am working on, in-progress snippets of new works and video clips of my explorations. Just some insider stuff if you are interested.

Besides this new blog starting up, I am now selling fine art prints of all my original paintings. So, if you would like a piece of my art, but can't afford the originals, I have a range of sizes on fine art paper, canvas, metal and acrylic. Framing and matting is also available and every piece comes ready to hang. Thank you for reading and send me a note if you have any questions or comments.




Josh Schoemaker